Make the Most of Your Space!

Don’t let sun or rain chase your guests or customers away.  Provide shelter and comfort as well as beauty to your building’s exterior with an awning from Munn Enterprises.

We manufacture and install only the highest quality awnings.  Choose from numerous awning styles, coverings and features to create an awning for your building that is not only practical, but attractive.

Awning Options:

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  • Egg Crate: Plastic
  • Illuminated or Non Illuminated
  • Slim Line
  • Free Standing Awnings
  • Custom Logos and Lettering
  • Coverings to meet every need, including but not limited to Sunbrella Designer Fabrics, Cooley Brite eradicable substrates, and smooth or corrugated aluminum.
  • A large selection of colors to choose from.  Match your building exterior, or your business logo and identity through use of color.

Munn Enterprises Inc. specializes in outdoor awning design and construction.  Our in-house graphics department can create a custom awning package to meet your specific business or personal needs.  Please feel free to contact one of our representatives.

Advantages of Awnings:

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  • Temperature Control – Provide a shady place for guests and customers to enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months.  A properly installed awning can reduce temperatures up to 20 degrees in the best of conditions.
  • Reduce Utility Costs – Awnings not only cool off your space outdoors, they also naturally reduce temperatures inside of your building by preventing sunlight from heating indoor air and saving air conditioning units from having to work so hard in the hotter months.
  • Maximize Your Use of Space – Increase the usable footage of your building by installing an awning.  Create a nice shaded dining area, an outdoor area to display art or merchandise, or even just an area for guests or customers to congregate.
  • Show your personal style to the world – With so many styles, colorings and coverings to choose from, you are sure to be able to customize and design an awning that not only meets your needs, but will complement your building and personal décor choices as well as providing functionality to your space.

Awning Styles

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Space does not permit us to show all shapes available.  If you require a special awning or sign shape not shown, please contact us.

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Free Standing Awnings

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