ADA, Directory, and
Traffic Signs

ADA Signs

Most public facilities are required by law to provide ADA (American’s with Disability Act) compliant signage.  However, the selection and implementation of ADA Signs doesn’t have to be tedious.  Let our experienced team at Munn Enterprises help you work through all phases of this process from start to finish.

Let us help you to create, and install ADA and Directional signage that is legally compliant, informative and doesn’t sacrifice your own personal sense of style.

Different Varieties of ADA Signs

Photopolymer Signs

Photopolymer is an excellent choice for high traffic areas. Durable , vandal resistant and attractive, this variety of ADA compliant signs are built of a solid piece of photopolymer with raised letters, graphics, and Braille.

ADA Applique Signs

ADA Applique signs provide long lasting colors both indoor and out.  The UV stable material  provides a solid background on which appliqué pieces are applied to create Graphics, Letters, Braille and Borders.

Metallic Signs

Metallic signs are the most durable of all ADA signs.  Featuring a painted, or natural metal finish with raised letters, graphics, and Braille.  The signs are attractive, functional, and long lasting.

ADA Molded Plaques

Economical as well as stylish injection molded plaques convey your message clearly and consistently.

Directory Signs

Many facilities find that it is necessary to provide Directory Signage for the convenience of employees and visitors alike.  Directory signs will indicate where tenants are located, how to find different departments and will provide an overall map to the facility.

Directory signs are available in a wide range of materials and can be created to correlate with ADA signage.  In addition to traditional signs with fixed locations, Directory signs can also be created with removable panels that are easily changed, to provide a directory system that is as changeable and long lasting as your business or organization!

Traffic Signs

Whether your parking and driving area is big or small, it is important for all businesses to provide signage which directs the flow of traffic, instructs motorists and pedestrians, and facilitates a safe environment for customers and employees.  All property, private or public, that is subject to public travels must provide traffic signage that conforms to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  At Munn Enterprises our staff is well versed in helping customers like you select and provide the correct signs.

Let us help you create a safe and legally compliant parking and driving area for your business today!