LED Message Centers

Communication at the Click of a Button!

Getting your message across has never been easier. Whether you are advertising a special, or announcing an event, an LED display is a sure way to catch the eye of the public and to build and keep their interest. The best part, all of this can be accomplished, and you never have to leave the comfort of your office.

LED Message centers can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use. Virtually any advertising or communication need can be met through the use of this exciting technology. LED’s are not only an attractive way to advertise. In addition to their functionality they are low maintenance and energy efficient!

Munn Enterprises provides and installs only the highest quality LED displays on the market. Contact us today and let our team of experienced professionals help you choose the display that is right for you!

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LED Display Options

LED Displays come in a variety of styles and types designed to meet your unique needs. Create artistic scrolling advertisements and animations, display updated prices , or simply provide time and temperature information for the convenience of your customers. The choice is yours!

Monochrome Message Displays

Monochrome message centers are available in either Amber or Red. But don’t be fooled, these aren’t the boring old two toned message centers of times past. Today’s monochrome message centers are capable of producing up to 4,096 shades of amber or red to create contrast and interest while getting your message across.

Full Color Message Displays

For the true artist at heart, create up to 68 billion shades of color with a full color message center. Gain your customer’s attention easily and keep it by providing colorful and interesting messages and ads for their viewing pleasure.

Full color message centers use Red, Green and Blue led’s to manipulate the light spectrum and create color. For each color you create on your message the red, green and blue led’s will light up to a different shade. When the shades are viewed together they blend into your designated color.

LED Pricer Display

Do you need an easy and cost effective way to display changing prices to the general public? With and LED pricer display that is not a problem. Using a remote control, you can easily update prices as they change. Chances are you’ve seen these pricers all over town, maybe at a gas station or a hotel. Don’t let that limit you, these pricers are good for any industry or business that needs its prices displayed in a clear and concise manner. Keep your customers informed and happy, it really is as simple as pushing a button!

Time and Temperature Displays

Does your business run under a strict time schedule? Or perhaps as a courtesy you would like to provide up to date time and temperature information to your customers. With a time and temperature display you can do just that! The best part? Time and temperature displays require very little maintenance. A built in temperature sensor ¬ will measure and display the temperature around your display, and the time will come directly from the server computer that is running the display.

Advantages of LED Displays

  • Eye Catching – Increase customer traffic or community awareness by utilizing light, graphics, and animations.
  • Flexibility – Change messages instantly, display time sensitive information, all with the simple click of a mouse button.
  • Lower Cost of Advertising – LED message centers cost 40 to 60% less per thousand viewers than other forms of advertising. In addition LED message centers are flexible and messages are easily changed or amended. Other advertising dollars such as static signs or banners can be cut by use of a LED message center.
  • Frequency – LED message centers are capable of displaying your messages repetitively and thus reach out to more potential customers.
  • Efficiency – Energy efficient, weather resistant, low maintenance, high resolution and clarity.